Engine Service

Engine repair & replacement with performance check

Our experienced team utilises professional car diagnostic tools to detect any issue and conduct repairs on any make and model of vehicles.


Suspension & Drivetrain

Precision alignment for smooth & stable handling

Do you have an issue with your steering or suspension? Drive in for a quick alignment check. We will ensure precision alignment so that you can enjoy a safe and smooth ride as well as benefit from long lasting tyres and improved fuel efficiency.


Electrical & Electronics

Complete electrical system check-up & repair

From alternators to spark plugs, we can correct any faults or variances to restore full power to your vehicle, using industry-standard electrical system diagnostics.


GDT Inspection

GDT Authorized vehicle inspection & registration centre

Denso Service is licensed by General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) for inspection of 5 years or older vehicles and issue the fitness certificate based on their condition. Our team of experts have the hands-on-expertise to carry out this inspection and arrange for repairs to ensure that your vehicle meets the required standards.


EXPERT Repairs & Reliable Service


Engine Performance Service
BD 22 (VAT included)
Fuel System Cleaning
BD 14 (VAT included)
AC Evaporator Cleaning
BD 23 (VAT included)
Cooling System Service
BD 25 (VAT included)
Super Sanitizing Fogger
BD 13 (VAT included)
Brake Stop Squeal Service
BD 5 (VAT included)
Air & Fuel Cleaning - PFI Engine
BD 50 (VAT included)
Air & Fuel Cleaning - GDI Engine
BD 60 (VAT included)
AC Compressor Service
BD 15 (VAT included)
Brake Pad Service
BD 11 (VAT included)
Wheel Alignment Inspection and Adjustment
BD 15 (VAT included)


DENSO Authorized Service Dealer and Inspection Center

Visit our Arad and Salmabad branches to ensure your peace of mind.